T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures, LLC is in the business of solving sociological issues for entrepreneurship, mentorship, academic progress, & entertainment that spawns job creation by building bridges & alliances that build equity & deliver solutions for underrepresented & underserved communities.

1 - Who We Are

We bring the right resources to realize the vision.

The company has recently launched a comprehensive community development platform to create 21st century solutions to address certain fundamental needs in targeted communities with a focus on economic development, job training/creation and educational enrichment. The aim is to address the fundamental needs of the community through strengthening human infrastructure in the community while also addressing the physical needs of the community through investment and development, increasing access to housing, and improved commercial delivery systems and services.

T.D. Jakes

Chairman, TDJREV

Roxanne Gardner

Managing Partner, TDJREV

Marcus Dawson

Managing Partner, TDJREV

Skip Barrett

Managing Partner, TDJREV

Michael O. Brown Esq

Managing Partner, TDJREV

Michael Cook

Managing Partner, TDJREV

2 - Our Vision

The vision of the T.D. Jakes Real Estate Organization is to serve as a thought leader addressing the fundamental issues and challenges facing underserved communities with the objective of developing sustainable and thriving communities. We invest the time and resources to understand the needs of the community and harness the requisite resources to realize the vision. We are developing for the long run.


The vision of the T.D.Jakes Real Estate Organization is to create sustainable communities that thrive offering economic opportunity in a safe and secure environment. We will bring the right resources to realize the vision.


The teams will work to collectively build a community economic plan and financing platform that stimulates realistic and creative 21st century community economic solutions, develop viable housing, retail and business solutions supported by progressive community development policies.

The Plan

The intent is to utilize a strong complement of private capital, economic incentives and financial tools to encourage investment in the affected communities establishing a physical and human development framework that seeks to achieve sustainable and measurable outcomes while mitigating development risks.

3 - Use of Alternative Financing

The T. D. Jakes Real Estate Organization understands the need for and has the expertise to evaluate and access the various economic incentive tools created for underserved markets and will seek to blend these tools and strategies with private equity and debt to obtain the funding required to finance development projects in these markets.

Core Team

Our core team includes many of the country’s leading community development experts, which allows us to easily incorporate suggestions for leveraging local and federal government agency programs (CDFI) and tax credit programs (opportunity zone) into our investment analysis criteria


We pursue investment opportunities that incorporate the use of alternative financing to mitigate project risk and the use of market-based funding, with the expectation of developing a financially viable and sustainable outcome.

Tax Credits

We see government sponsored incentive programs such as New Market Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Brownfield Credits, Tax Increment Financing, Opportunity Zones, real estate tax abatement and other tax credit programs.

Tax Incentives

Tax credits and incentives offer a significant benefit to our real estate investment plans by providing patient, low cost equity or debt capital that aids in mitigating risk. Community impact is achieved when we incorporate measurable outcomes by linking performance with the capital.

4 - The Strategy

The Community Development Strategy

5 - What We Do

We develop from within the community identifying and working, with community stakeholders; assessing the community’s needs; and formulating a development plan for the purpose of creating sustainable and thriving communities. This is accomplished through building partnerships within the community and seeking co-development partners where needed that are best in class with a proven record of success in the targeted real estate sectors.


TDJREV is developing programs in response to the growing, nationwide need for affordable, attainable, and workforce housing. These programs provide options that help families who live in underserved areas realize and sustain attainable living with the goal of home ownership. Through educational programs and incentives, TDJREV will positively impact communities that have historically experienced barriers to home ownership or who have experienced hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic and other economic upheavals.


With life-expectancy and cost-of-living on the rise, the need for assisted living and memory care is greater than ever. TDJREV is committed to the development of high-quality, affordable senior living options internationally.


TDJREV is entering into the hotel and resort development segment, both domestically and internationally. Our projects range from economy to upscale and resort developments.


Mixed use developments are a major focus of TDJREV. Building community includes offering lifestyle options for the people living within that community. Convenience to groceries, shopping, restaurants and entertainment is essential.

6 - News and Announcments

FORT MAC LRA Approves Interim Plan For TD JAKES Real Estate Ventures Group

The Fort Mac LRA Board of Directors approved the Initial Interim Master Development Plan from T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures, LLC (TDJ REV) for the redevelopment of...

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T.D. Jakes Joins the Fight for Atlanta’s Future By Winning The Right to Purchase 94.5 Acres on Historic Fort McPherson Army Base

In a landmark real estate deal being praised as a stimulus...

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Tyler Perry & T.D. Jakes acquire land for development at Fort Mac.

The Fort Mac LRA Board has voted to accept a proposal from Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry Studios to purchase another 37.5 acres of the existing...

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7 - Our Process

Our team possesses the experience, skills, tools and knowledge necessary to prepare and promote the property and business development objectives to achieve the community impact outcomes sought by the affected communities. We develop and implement proper and realistic metrics to measure progress in the targeted communities.


Commercial development and planning for mixed use communities throughout the country


Due diligence coordination, including planning, legal review, regulatory assessment, tax planning,construction planning and project management


Identify and coordinate with co-development partners to ensure proper planning and resources are committed to the project


Commercial development and planning for mixed use communities throughout the country


Due diligence coordination, including planning, legal review, regulatory assessment, tax planning,construction planning and project management


Identify and coordinate with co-development partners to ensure proper planning and resources are committed to the project

8 - Smart Community Programs

Throughout his life, T.D. Jakes has connected diverse communities across socio-economic divides.

STEAM Program - T.D. Jakes Foundation

Housing Insecurity - United MegaCare

Financial Fortitude - T.D. Jakes Foundation

Recidivism (T.O.R.I.)

9 - Our Partners

Best-In-Class Co-Development Partners:

T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures has identified real estate experts to serve as co-development partners consisting of several best-in-class development organizations located throughout the United States. Expertise and experience is essential in undertaking efficient, cost-effective, scaled development projects in each of our targeted investment sectors including attainable housing, senior housing, retail and hospitality. The business interests of each partner is aligned with the approach envisioned by T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures: “Stronger communities and families and sustainable development investment with an expectation of a reasonable return.”